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Product Review: John Holland’s Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

psychic_tarot_cover21This is my most recently acquired deck, and has quickly become my new favorite.  As an intuitive reader, I appreciate this deck for so many reasons. The artwork is absolutely beautiful, eye-catching and thought-inspiring. The gold gilding on the edges is a nice touch of class that reminds the reader that the deck is a sacred tool and should be treated with reverance and respect. The images really draw the attention in and invite you to take a closer look at what’s going on under the surface of things. They will work wonderfully for a card meditation as well.

Additionally, I love the fact that certain cards have been omitted from the standard Tarot deck…John has taken out the 10’s of each suit, as well as all court cards. In my opinion, this is an improvement over tradition as the cards that are left out are ones that have been known to confuse a new reader. Being numbered 1-9 also works well to incorporate numerology in a reading, which I believe is very helpful.

I was surprised -and delighted- to see that the deck includes a card for each major chakra, and I thought it was a brilliant addition. The suits of the minor arcana are now referred to as “Physical”, “Emotions”, “Mental”, and “Spirit”…which again would be helpful to a beginning reader who may otherwise get easily “lost” in the symbolism of Pentacles, Cups, Swords and Wands.

Along with the deck, which comes neatly and attractively packaged in a sturdy lidded storage box, John has included a very helpful guidebook to assist the reader in understanding the symbolism found in each card.

The bottom line is that this deck is very easy to pick up and read with, visually stunning and associates well with the various facets of real human existence, from the mundane happenings of daily life here in this physical world to the deeply personal spiritual journey we are all participants in. I will happily recommend this deck to students and fellow readers alike!

*For more information on John Holland’s work, you can check out his website at

Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 16, 2009

Walking with the Hermit

One of the things I enjoy most about Tarot is the fact that there is always something new to learn; some detail that hasn’t caught my eye or some way to apply the symbolism found in the cards to a whole new way of thought.  Just when we think we have it all figured out…something new pops up. 

This just happened to me recently.  I picked up a great book from the library, called “Tarot Basics” by Evelin Burger & Johannes Fiebig, and I giggled at the fact that something so profound came from a book with such a simple title…

First of all I have to tell you that this book offers interpretations that are much different from 9hermitthe more “standard” meanings that are found in most books on the subject; they are more enlightening and applicable to real life.  I am really enjoying reading it.  On page 121, referring to the Hermit’s astrological association with the sun sign Virgo, the author states “Now I have a totally different picture of astrological signs (…) For the longest time I did not know what the name ‘virgin’ meant (…) We are not dealing with a young woman.  Even the image of sexual virginity does not play a role.  And I have found the solution.”   She goes on to point out the white base at the feet of the Hermit, associating it with the fact that we “are to bring about a state of virginity to the Earth”, and that “Christians call it paying for original sin and the Hindus say that we must work on our Karma without creating a new one”.  This revelation has added a whole new layer of meaning to this 9th card of the Major Arcana for me…

Virgos are known for being fastidious creatures; modest, practical, analytical and articulate.  They are also very responsible and can be introverted, as they are always following their own “Light within”.  Applying these qualities to the Hermit card is certainly not difficult to see; but another quality of Virgo energy is the ability to see an issue from many sides.  Calling your attention to the white ground beneath the Hermit’s feet, let’s consider this card from the viewpoint of caring for the Earth so as not to leave our “carbon footprints” behind. 

The Hermit’s eyes are closed, and yet he is so wise.  In his solitude, he tunes in to his soul, to a Higher state of being and knowingness.  The ground beneath him is pristine and white; he leaves no footprints behind as he walks along his path.  He knows Truth; from his enlightened viewpoint he can see the need to be grateful for, appreciate and care for our environment so that it remains intact for future generations.

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“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi


 “We achieve inner health only through forgiveness – the forgiveness not only of others but also of ourselves” ~ Joshua Loth Liebman






We’ve all heard the famous quote, “To err is human, to forgive Divine”.  But what does it really mean? 


It’s my belief that as souls, we choose our lives before we are born, and that those of us who choose to be born into a life of difficulty and hardship have chosen to do so in order to either work off some karmic debt or to learn through the experiences and relationships we have.  In other words, we are all students and we get to pick and choose our classrooms, our teachers, our desks and even our school supplies long before our first day begins.  Some have chosen harder classes than others, but if we pay attention to the lessons, we’ll do just fine.


Recently a friend and I were talking about forgiveness.  She regrets not being as emotionally available as she’d have liked for several family members towards the end of their lives, and is having a difficult time forgiving herself.  I think that this is a position that many of us find ourselves in.  We look back and beat ourselves up over things we’ve said or done in the past and end up with feelings of guilt.  The trouble with that is, we can’t go back and change it!  If we spend our time focusing on things that we did yesterday, we will never truly experience today, and the cycle of guilt continues.  Often carrying around these feelings of guilt can lead to difficulties in our current relationships.  We need to embrace today as a new opportunity to build healthy, happy memories for the future. 


Letting the past go can be a difficult thing to do.  We have to forgive ourselves and allow ourselves the permission to have been wrong, and to have been human.  Every challenge that we have faced in the past was a learning experience; so ask yourself what you learned from it and what positive experience you can create from it.  Maybe you learned to be more of a good listener and source of support to someone who is ailing, or maybe now you know how you’d handle that same situation if it ever came up again. 


To err IS human, it’s where we learn, it’s where we grow.  If we had no adversity, we’d never know our own strength.  To forgive ourselves for the errors we make, however, truly is Divine.  

Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 5, 2009

What do your Birth Cards say about YOU?


Birth Cards can represent the range of a person’s core identity. You can determine your Birth Cards by doing a numerological reduction of your birth date in the following manner: MM + DD + YY + YY.

Using the birthdate of March 7, 1950, You would add the numbers like this:
03 + 07 + 19 + 50 = 79
Then add 7 + 9 = 16 for the first birth card
and reduce to 1+6=7 for the second birth card

Key 16 is the Tower, Key 7 is the Chariot.

If you end up with 3 digits,add the first two digits (considered as one number) to the third digit. Let’s look at April 29, 1974, for example. The formula would be 04 + 29 + 19 + 74 = 126:

You’d add 04+29+19+74 =126

Then add 12 + 6 = 18. ..first card is the Moon
1+8=9 …second card is the Hermit

So….what do your birth cards say about YOU?

The equation is similar to the one used for the Lifepath number in numerology, but instead of just looking at the final reduction of the number we are looking at the first reduction that gets us to 2 digits. This gives us the number for the “Personality card”, and reducing it to a single digit gives us the number of the Soul Card.

In my case (I was the 4/29/74 example) I had 126, reduced down 18 (first number) then 9 (second number). The final reduction card (in my case the Hermit) is called the “Soul Card”, while the first one is referred to as the “Personality Card”. The Soul Card is said to represent the core of who you are, and the major lessons you are here to learn. The Personality card is more a reflection of a how a person expresses themselves…the special gifts and talents that they brought with them into this life.  Give yours a try and see how they fit! 


Birth Card Pairs:


21/3 World / Empress
20/2 Judgement / High Priestess
19/10/1 Sun / Wheel of Fortune / Magician
18/9 Moon / Hermit
17/8 Star / Strength
16/7 Tower / Chariot
15/6 Devil / Lovers
14/5 Temperance / Hierophant
13/4 Death / Emperor
12/3 Hanged Man / Empress
11/2 Justice / High Priestess
10/1 Wheel of Fortune / Magician


10/1 (Personality: Wheel of Fortune, Soul: Magician)


The Wheel of Fortune personality is very focused on being positive, and enjoys variety and constant change. This is someone who is a beacon to those looking to bring positive changes into their lives. The Magician Soul card would indicate someone who is in control of their own destiny. This is someone who is a natural born leader. They must learn how to focus on directing their energy on what matters most to them, instead of focusing their attention on many different areas.


11/2 (Personality: Justice, Soul: High Priestess)


A person with the Justice personality draws indecisive people to them. They are excellent decision makers…these personalities would do well in the legal profession. The High Priestess as a Soul Card indicates someone who is very intuitive and is learning to trust their instincts and balance in the physical and mental aspects of their lives.


12/3 (Personality: Hanged Man, Soul: Empress)


Those with the Hanged Man personality would be those who sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. They will give of themselves fully and freely. Having the Empress as a Soul card, they will be very much in touch with their environment. Things (and people) grow and develop under their watchful eyes…they are the nurturers. In this life, they are learning lessons in patience in watching people, things and ideas develop and come to fruition; however they must also remember to nurture themselves.


13/4 (Personality: Death, Soul: Emperor)


People with the Death card as a personality are those with the amazing power to transform. They are the bringers of change, and often assist others in making drastic changes to their lives. The Emperor as a Soul Card offers natural leadership and the ability to be decisive. They live by the rules (and usually are the ones to make the rules)…exercising fairness at all times. They are learning lessons about defending their “territory” and controlling their temper.


14/5 (Personality: Temperance, Soul: Hierophant)


Those with the Temperance personality card are deeply spiritual and powerful healers and teachers; and adept at finding unique ways to combine contradictory elements in order to cleanse, purify and heal.
The Hierophant soul card provides a very strong sense of belief. These people have a structured sense of ethics and morality, and an innate need to feel a sense of attachment to a higher purpose; a need to “belong” within a group. They may be highly religious or very active within the groups they associate with. They are learning how to dedicate themselves to serving a higher purpose in this life.


15/6 (Personality: Devil, Soul: Lovers)


People with the Devil as a personality card tend to put conventional ideas aside and empower themselves with that which empassions them. This card is ruled by the ambitious and determined sign of Capricorn and these people may become “chained” to their work. Having the Lovers for a soul card, they are learning lessons about love. They care very deeply. It’s important to remember that love takes on many forms and can include love of family, love of self, romantic love, spiritual love…the lesson is in learning to give love where is is returned appropriately and healthfully.


16/7 (Personality: Tower, Soul: Chariot)


Having the Tower for a personality card brings a need to build strong, true foundations in everything that you do. These people have great inner strength and fortitude, and instinctively know that that which is built on a poor foundation will crumble to the ground at some point. The Chariot soul card reflects one who deeply enjoys a good challenge and these individuals love it when the odds are stacked against them and they emerge victorious. They are learning to balance their self-esteem with the strategies they use to achieve victory in all aspects of their lives.


17/8 Personality: Star, Soul: Strength)


The Star personality is hopeful, faithful and optimistic. Others are drawn to the Star personality, as they find these individuals to be very inspiring and uplifting. Having the Strength soul card brings these people courage and self-discipline, and they recognize that they are constantly setting an example for others. They understand that this is not something to take lightly, and are very careful about what they project into the world. They are learning lessons in responsibility, and their strong connection to the Divine Source.


18/9 (Personality: Moon, Soul: Hermit)


The Moon personality is very creative, and may receive strong messages through their dreams. Their early life might include an emotional upheaval of sorts, possibly leading them to distance themselves from others. Having the Hermit as a soul card, these individuals enjoy quiet solitude. They are following the path to Wisdom through introspection, always seeking the truth. Their lesson is to emerge from their comfortable solitude and share what they have learned along their path with others.


19/10/1 (Sun/Wheel of Fortune/Magician)


This is a unique conbination of cards. This combination would indicate someone with a shining personality. As in the 10/1 combination, the Wheel of Fortune personality is very focused on change and being positive, and enjoys changing or modifying their surroundings on a routine basis. This is someone who is a beacon to those looking to bring positive changes into their lives. The Magician Soul card would indicate someone who is in control of their own destiny. They would do well to surround themselves with nature and positive, upbeat, “sunny” people so as not to deplete their own energy. They too are natural born leaders, and they also must learn how to focus on directing their energy on what matters most to them, instead of focusing their attention on many different areas.


20/2 (Personality: Judgement, Soul: High Priestess)


The Judgement card as a personality card indicates someone who feels a strong sense of “calling”. Comparing the two cards, Judgement is strong and obvious, where the High Priestess is more behind-the-scenes and quiet. The Judgement personality will often find themselves in a state of constant transformation, feeling a sense of the fiery element of this card pushing them to continue on…even if they don’t really understand what it is that is motivating them to continue. As in the 11/2 combination, those with the mysterious High Priestess for a soul card are learning to trust (and follow) their intuition, and in this case, that which “calls” them.


21/3 (Personality: The World, Soul: The Empress)


Ruled by Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons, the World as a personality card would be someone who feels compelled to follow a strict set of rules. They enjoy looking back on a job well-done, and deeply appreciate the satisfaction in knowing that the completion of a cycle is well-earned. They may become teachers or lecturers. As in the 12/3 combination, those with the Empress as a soul card are learning to have patience in watching a cycle come to fruition, from the very beginning through to completion.

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Pleased to meet you!


Thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself to the blogosphere 🙂

Obviously this is going to be a blog centered more or less on Tarot.  I’ll be posting personal stories related to the cards, thought-provoking articles and updates along the road. 

My own Tarot journey began about 8 years ago.  A series of deeply spiritual events occurred in my life after the sudden passing of my father, which lead me to feel a need to closely consider my own spiritual path.  I began to read anything I could get my hands on about mediumship, life after death, near death experiences, etc.  My hope was that I would be able to answer some of my own questions about life and death, and about what happens when we cross over.  Little did I know the journey was just beginning!  Since that time I have grown tremendously on a spiritual level, and think that Tarot appeals to me so much because it is a great tool for connecting with that higher part of myself, and with the universal energy that surrounds us all. 

Years ago, a group of friends and I who were all beginning readers started doing free student readings for willing participants at*   The readings were done “blind”, which means that several of us would read for the same person, but no interaction was allowed and the readings were carefully moderated so that they would all be released at once…therefore no one knew the details of a reading until they were all released.  Incredibly, we would quite often come up with the same intricate details which we had no way of otherwise knowing, as well as many of the same cards being drawn.  Through these readings, as well as subsequent intensive self-study,  I was able to develop my reading skills and gain a deeper knowledge of the symbolic language of the cards.  Later, I was able to share some of my knowledge through teaching classes for beginners and intermediate level readers, and this was such a rewarding experience – I hope to offer classes again soon. 

Well, that’s it for now I suppose…thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to any feedback you’d like to give. 

...and so begins the journey of the Fool...
…and so begins the journey of the Fool…

*(a fantastic message board and –heavily moderated– safe haven for spiritual discussion which I highly recommend to anyone)

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