The Star (Aquarius)

“I have become one with Spirit.
enlightenment has been reached.
In grace I share abundance
with all those I can teach.
A profound sense of love
in its’ Highest state
and gratitude, and servitude
simply can no longer wait.
The love I have for the universe
is overflowing through me
and in joy I release it to the world
just as it comes to me.
Return to hope and faith restored
this guiding light can’t be ignored.”



This card is associated with the zodiac sun sign of Aquarius, the water bearer. Let’s consider the ritual of baptism for a moment. During this sacred ceremony, the soul is cleansed and freed from sin through the baptismal waters; the baptised are then welcomed into a “new” spiritual life. As we look at the imagery on the Star card we can see a connection to Aquarius’ life-restoring waters. This is a card of great hope for the future.

As any of my former students will tell you, I believe that numerology is very closely tied to the Tarot and that in reading the cards careful attention should be paid to numbers. This card is no exception; if we take 17 and break it down, (1+7) we find that the card carries the energy of 8: abundance, fruitfulness, cosmic balance, infinite cycles. Notice the 8-pointed stars; in fact there are 8 of them To quote author Sandra Thomson from the book “Pictures From the Heart”, the 8-pointed star is a symbol of a “time of inner ‘seasoning’ from which we emerge fresh and creative.” Some readers view the large star in the middle as the North star. Being married to a wonderful Aquarius I can tell you that he always follows his own inner light, and never gets lost on a road trip (unless his wife is navigating), but I digress.

Now let’s look at some of the symbolism a bit closer. Why is the figure nude? This represents a sense of truth revealed; the absence of any mask or hidden agenda; a communion with nature and Spirit. Notice that the water being poured onto the Earth forms 5 streams, and one of those streams runs back into the larger pool of water. These streams may be interpreted as symbolic of our five physical senses, and the connection between what we absorb with our senses and process unconsciously.

If you do well with visualization exercises, close your eyes and animate the imagery on the card. See the stars beaming down from the Heavens and see the water flowing from the pitchers to the ground and back into the water. The water being poured from the pitcher into the larger body of water makes a connection; this indicates the cycle of inspiration being complete. We are inspired through Spirit (the large star overhead), our connection to Spirit is made though our subconscious (larger body of water). Through our physical bodies (5 senses/5 streams of water flowing to Earth) we bring this inspiration to reality.

Some keywords:

Inspiration, hope, renewal, spiritual regeneration, truth unmasked, revelation.


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