About Dawn

meDawn Jones is a natural intuitive, empath and tarot enthusiast, and co-host of BlogTalk Radio’s weekly program, “Walking the Path with Dawn and Laura“.  During a reading, she tunes in to a clients energy, and (using the tarot as a guide) provides them with a clearer vision of the energy patterns that are present in their lives so that they can make better choices for themselves. 

It is Dawn’s belief that by paying closer attention to our spiritual journey, we can experience fuller, more empowered, joyful and productive lives!  Using a fresh and down-to-earth approach to reading the cards, Dawn provides clients with a positive, meaningful reading experience.

Dawn resides in Illinois with her husband and children.  She has read for many years, consulting with clients from all over the world.  Sharing her passion for the symbolic language of tarot, she teaches tarot classes for students of various skill levels.  (Look for class information to be posted soon!) 

Please visit the readings page  for more information or to schedule a personal reading.

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