Posted by: Dawn Jones | April 21, 2009

Thoughts for Spring: Planting Seeds of Change

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

~ Tony Robbins

Maybe it’s all this rain we’re having here in the midwest lately, which is causing everything to green up so quickly, but I am so inspired by the “newness” all around me these days!  There is such an amazingly refreshing quality to watching new life burst forth from the Earth, and quite frankly I am bursting with anticipation at getting my hands into the garden soil in the coming weeks! 

sprout_by_mcokerSpring means that it’s time for a fresh start. What will you change in your life today that will have a positive impact on yourself, your family, your friends, or the world around you?  What new habits can you form to replace the ones that no longer serve you?  Many experts agree, it takes a commitment of about 3 weeks to institute a lasting change.  I challenge you to set one goal for yourself over the next 30 days, and map out ways to achieve it.  You may even want to write down your “action plan” and put it in a prominent place where you can see it several times throughout your day as a reminder. 

Think about all that vibrant new energy you’ll be inviting  your way by releasing your old patterns!


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