Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 29, 2009

A child’s safe haven

It never ceases to amaze me how spiritually attuned children are.  As a very young child, I had this ritual many nights just before falling asleep. I’d pretend to shrink down until I was small enough to climb into my own head. This smaller “me” would climb a staircase and reach a locked door. Entering this room using my special key, I’d shut and lock the door behind me. Safely inside it was always the same routine…there was a single red rose growing there next to an expansive red brick wall. Surrounding the rose was a bed of pristine white rocks. There was a small chair there and a watering can beside it. The rose was usually wilted and dry when I arrived and I would water it, to which it would respond immediately by rising to stand straight, tall and healthy. Sometimes I’d stay a while and just enjoy the rose, other times I’d leave as soon as this task was complete, always making sure to lock the door behind me. This was my secret place, and I knew that it was my duty to make sure my rose was well cared for, that I was always safe here and welcome to come back at any time.

Somehow I outgrew this ritual. In fact, I only
remembered doing it after attending a mediumship demonstration a couple of years ago in Chicago. We did a group exercise involving using a visualized rose, during which we were to use the flower’s condition, color, etc. to tell us more about a person, and my own little “exercise” came flooding back to my memory. How did I forget?!

The truth is, meditation is one of the easiest things anyone can do. Many folks I’ve talked to think that you must be sitting cross legged on the floor with hands resting on your knees in the classic meditation position…and while this is helpful, it is not necessary. The point of it all is really to learn how to just…be. All day long in this physical world, we are focused on the things we have to do, the places we have to go, planning futures for ourselves and our families.  We often wear out our spiritual energy and feel tired and weary…sometimes experiencing physical symptoms of illness before we realize it’s happening!  Through meditation we can increase our energy and become centered, balanced, focused and grounded.    It only takes a moment each day to focus on the breath you take and your heart beating and the blood flowing through your veins; on being alive

Try it!  If you need help with visualization, you may benefit from one of the video meditations located on my meditations page.  Enjoy 🙂



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