Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 25, 2009

Online readings & April savings!

Online readings are a very unique experience. Much of my own reading experience has been through online interaction via live chat or email, so this is a topic that I feel passionately about.

Some readers emphatically refuse to do readings through email or any electronic medium; usually the reasoning behind this is that they do not feel a connection with the person being read. It is my opinion that the key principle of the chemistry involved in any reading is the exchange of energy, and therefore by initiating the intent to have a reading, a querent is opening their own energy toward the reading, and this is where that crucial energy exchange comes from. Of course, no one will argue that the best method of reading would be face-to-face; sometimes this is not possible for various reasons. An email reading is a perfectly acceptable substitute for that face-to-face interaction.

In my own practice, I use the same method of preparation for an email reading as for telephone or in person readings, and have always felt able to connect intuitively either way. Sometimes, in fact, the connection gets even clearer, as I am not paying attention to body language or voice inflection on any level.

Want to give an email reading a try? For the entire month of April, I am reducing my fees for ALL email readings to $15! (a savings of $5 for returning clients and $10 for new clients!) ***This offer is only valid for the month of April, so place your order soon!


****$15 email reading, click here to order ****


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