Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 21, 2009

March 21, 2009 – Happy International Astrology Day

March 21st marks the official beginning of spring, as well as the beginning of a brand new astrological year.  Astrologers around the world celebrate this day as “International Astrology Day”.  This special day was created in 1993 as a reminder that Astrology is the oldest existing symbolic system of western culture.

Gatherings of astrologers and people who love astrology are arranged all over the world to celebrate International Astrology Day. From the Association For Astrological Networking’s website:

“International Astrology Day was founded by AFAN in 1993, an outgrowth of the “Astrology Awareness Weekends” which AFAN had sponsored for several years previously. The goals of the new holiday were to expand networking opportunities among the astrological community, to direct media attention to positive aspects of astrology, and to help raise funds for local astrological groups and for AFAN’s legal, media, and other networking projects.”

maria1A great way to celebrate this day would be to book an appointment for a personal consultation with a professional astrologer to have your birth chart analyzed!  My amazingly gifted astrology teacher and friend, Maria DeSimone, offers this service and I encourage you all to visit her web community located at

If you’ve never had your chart reviewed by a professional, you really have no idea what you’re missing!  What are you waiting for? 


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