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Walking the Path: Archived Shows at BlogTalkRadio


Good Morning ūüôā

Hope everyone is doing fantastic!¬† It has been a busy several weeks and Laura and I have been¬†putting a lot of effort into¬†creating a radio program that uplifts, inspires and brings insightful information to our listeners… the best part is that all of our shows are¬†completely free to listen to, anytime!¬†

We’ve been truly blessed with some very fascinating guests including “the Psychic’s Psychic” Vincent J. Barra, Angelologist Elizabeth Foley, Hay House Author and medical intuitive Caroline Sutherland and most recently, the author of Cracking the Coconut Code Mary Jo McCabe and her son, clinical psychologist, Dr. ¬†Bhrett McCabe.¬† So much inspiration, so much wisdom!¬†

A sneak preview at some of our upcoming shows: 

Sept 14 

Tarot Artist Lisa Hunt will join us to discuss her newly released The Fairy Tale Tarot deck.

Sept 21

Psychic Medium Lauren Rainbow will join us and take your calls

Sept 28 

Readings with Dawn – I’ll be doing a¬†full hour of free intuitive readings, live on the air.¬†

Oct 5 

Life Coach Beth Di Nicola will teach us how to realize the power we have to make positive and meaningful shifts in our lives.

You can visit our website at or head directly to our BlogTalkRadio page at There you can listen to archives of any of our previous shows, as well as listen live each Monday at 11:00 am Eastern time.

Hope to talk with you soon!


Posted by: Dawn Jones | April 29, 2009

Nickelback – “If Today Was Your Last Day “

Sharing this one, just because there is such a great message in this video.  What if?

Posted by: Dawn Jones | April 21, 2009

Thoughts for Spring: Planting Seeds of Change

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”

~ Tony Robbins

Maybe it’s all this rain we’re having here in the midwest¬†lately, which is causing everything to green up so quickly, but I am so inspired by the “newness” all around me these days!¬† There is such an amazingly refreshing¬†quality to watching new life burst forth from the Earth, and quite frankly I am bursting with anticipation at getting my hands into the garden soil in the coming weeks!¬†

sprout_by_mcokerSpring means that it’s time for a fresh start.¬†What will you change in your life today that will have a positive impact on yourself, your family, your friends, or the world around you?¬† What new habits can you form to replace the ones that no longer serve you?¬† Many experts agree, it takes a commitment of about 3 weeks to institute a lasting change.¬† I challenge you to set one goal for yourself over the next 30 days, and map out ways to achieve it.¬† You may even want to write down your “action plan” and put it in a prominent place where you can see it several times throughout your day as a reminder.¬†

Think about all that vibrant new energy you’ll be inviting¬† your way by releasing your old patterns!

Posted by: Dawn Jones | April 6, 2009

What Are You Manifesting?

Surely we’ve all encountered a “negative Ned” or a “negative Nelly” at some point.¬† These are the folks who always see the glass as half empty…the eternal pessimists who identify with others through their own unconscious motto: “misery loves company”.

We all have¬†bad days, but I’d like to invite you all to stop and consider the messalightges that you repeat to yourselves each day.¬† You may find that you are sabotaging yourself with your own thoughts!¬† Because thoughts are energy, there is great power behind them.¬† The images that we paint are the ones that we become; this is the Law of Attraction in action.¬† Our thoughts draw energy¬†our way; therefore¬†if we think positive thoughts, we attract positive energy into our lives.¬† Unfortunately the same holds true for negative thoughts, and the surest way to get exactly what you¬†don’t want is to put a lot of conscious thought toward it.¬† Acknowledge¬†your fears, but don’t allow them to dominate your thoughts.¬†

Consider where you hope to be in life, 5 or 10 years from now.¬† Visualize what you will look like, how you will dress, what you’ll feel like, what work you’ll be doing, where you will live, what kind of car you’ll drive, what types of friends you’ll have and people you’ll associate with.¬† Do this often and in great detail…you will be painting an image for yourself to become, and actively creating your own reality!

“As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives.”

~Henry David Thoreau

Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 29, 2009

A child’s safe haven

It never ceases to amaze me how spiritually attuned children are.¬† As a very young child, I had this ritual many nights just before falling asleep. I’d pretend to shrink down until I was small enough to climb into my own head. This smaller “me” would climb a staircase and reach a locked door. Entering this room using my special key, I’d shut and lock the door behind me. Safely inside it was always the same routine…there was a single red rose growing there next to an expansive red brick wall. Surrounding the rose was a bed of pristine white rocks. There was a small chair there and a watering can beside it. The rose was usually wilted and dry when I arrived and I would water it, to which it would respond immediately by rising to stand straight, tall and healthy. Sometimes I’d stay a while and just enjoy the rose, other times I’d leave as soon as this task was complete, always making sure to lock the door behind me. This was my secret place, and I knew that it was my duty to make sure my rose was well cared for, that I was always safe here and welcome to come back at any time.

Somehow I outgrew this ritual. In fact, I only
remembered doing it after attending a mediumship demonstration a couple of years ago in Chicago. We did a group exercise involving using a visualized rose, during which we were to use the flower’s condition, color, etc. to tell us more about a person, and my own little “exercise” came flooding back to my memory. How did I forget?!

The truth is, meditation is one of the easiest things anyone can do. Many folks I’ve talked to think that you must be sitting cross legged on the floor with hands resting on your knees in the classic meditation position…and while this is helpful, it is not necessary. The point of it all is really to learn how to just…be. All day long in this physical world, we are focused on the things we have to do, the places we have to go, planning futures for ourselves and our families.¬† We often wear out our spiritual energy and feel tired and weary…sometimes experiencing physical symptoms of illness before we realize it’s happening!¬† Through meditation we can increase our energy and become centered, balanced, focused¬†and grounded.¬†¬†¬†¬†It only takes a¬†moment each day to¬†focus on the breath you take and your heart beating and the blood flowing through your veins; on being alive.¬†

Try it!¬† If you need help with visualization, you may benefit from one of the video meditations located on my meditations page.¬† Enjoy ūüôā

Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 28, 2009

Birds in a Tree

From “The Edgar Cayce Handbook” by Mark Thurston, Ph.D. and Christopher Fazel :

“Your mind is like a tree, and the thoughts are like birds. It’s not so important which birds land on a branch of your tree for a moment and then fly on. What matters is which birds you allow to build a nest in your tree and make a home there.”

I love this quote. Particularly because lately I have really been conscious of the “mind chatter” that goes on in the back of my mind lately.

Mind chatter is the stuff we think about under the surface of our conscious thoughts. Does that make sense? Surely not all of it is negative, but some of the constant mental messages we tell ourselves such as “I am too fat” or “There is no way I can do this, what was I thinking?”, etc. are really the ultimate form of self-sabotage. So I am consciously working now to create some better, more positive mind messages to replace the old, counter-productive negative ones that repeat over and over like a dusty old cassette tape in my mind. I am a true believer in the Law of Attraction, which states that we are responsible for creating our own reality, through the power of our own thoughts and intentions. It’s tough, because we tend to be our own toughest critics, but very possible to turn our thoughts to positive and useful messages. To me, the quote basically says that though we all have fleeting moments of negativity or self-doubt, the messages that keep repeating are the ones that can be most detrimental – or helpful – to our desired outcome.

Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 26, 2009

The Divine Matrix

So I am on a Quantum physics kick. If you’ve watched the video “What the Bleep Do We Know?” starring Marlee Matlin, you know what I’m talking about. A few weeks ago I went to the library and picked up a few new books and videos on the topic, one of them being “The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles and Belief” by Gregg Braden. In a word, WOW.

Gregg claims that a few years ago he witnessed via video a spontaneous healing of a woman who had previously been diagnosed with an inoperable cancerous tumor in her bladder. As a last resort because Western medicine had failed, the woman traveled to Beijing for healing. Prior to the healing, she underwent a prescribed change in eating habits, along with a program of gentle movement to stimulate chi within her body, as well as special breathing techniques. Mr. Braden stated that he could see the woman lying on a gurney fully awake, having been given no sedative or pain meds. She was hooked up to an ultrasound machine aimed at the tumor which was showing a real-time image throughout the healing. Before the healing, a total of three practitioners agreed upon a mantra (translated in our language closely equivalent to ” already done, already done”) that they would recite which would reinforce a special feeling of healing within their own bodies, and help them to focus on healing the tumor. In less than four minutes of reciting this mantra and projecting healing energy to the woman, the tumor simply disappeared. (Note: I wanted to include a link to the video, which Mr. Braden apparently shows at workshops from time to time, but was unable to find it anywhere online. Anyone have a copy?)

Quantum theology says that we are energy beings of unlimited potential. We have the ability to heal our bodies, our minds, and to broadcast this energy to the world around us, healing others and the earth as well. And if we project that energy and believe it possible…we can truly move mountains.

Posted by: Dawn Jones | March 25, 2009

Online readings & April savings!

Online readings are a very unique experience. Much of my own reading experience has been through online interaction via live chat or email, so this is a topic that I feel passionately about.

Some readers emphatically refuse to do readings through email or any electronic medium; usually the reasoning behind this is that they do not feel a connection with the person being read. It is my opinion that the key principle of the chemistry involved in any reading is the exchange of energy, and therefore by initiating the intent to have a reading, a querent is opening their own energy toward the reading, and this is where that crucial energy exchange comes from. Of course, no one will argue that the best method of reading would be face-to-face; sometimes this is not possible for various reasons. An email reading is a perfectly acceptable substitute for that face-to-face interaction.

In my own practice, I use the same method of preparation for an email reading as for telephone or in person readings, and have always felt able to connect intuitively either way. Sometimes, in fact, the connection gets even clearer, as I am not paying attention to body language or voice inflection on any level.

Want to give an email reading a try? For the entire month of April, I am reducing my fees for ALL email readings to $15! (a savings of $5 for returning clients and $10 for new clients!) ***This offer is only valid for the month of April, so place your order soon!


****$15 email reading, click here to order ****

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March 21, 2009 – Happy International Astrology Day

March 21st marks¬†the official beginning of spring, as well as the beginning of a brand new astrological year.¬† Astrologers around the world celebrate this day as¬†“International Astrology Day”.¬† This special day was created in 1993 as a reminder that¬†Astrology is the oldest existing symbolic system of western culture.

Gatherings of astrologers and people who love astrology are arranged all over the world to celebrate International Astrology Day. From the Association For Astrological Networking’s website:

“International Astrology Day was founded by AFAN in 1993, an outgrowth of the “Astrology Awareness Weekends” which AFAN had sponsored for several years previously. The goals of the new holiday were to expand networking opportunities among the astrological community, to direct media attention to positive aspects of astrology, and to help raise funds¬†for local astrological groups and for AFAN’s legal, media, and other networking projects.”

maria1A great way to celebrate this day would be to book an appointment for a personal consultation with a professional astrologer to have your birth chart analyzed!  My amazingly gifted astrology teacher and friend, Maria DeSimone, offers this service and I encourage you all to visit her web community located at 

If you’ve never had your chart reviewed by a professional, you really have no idea what you’re missing!¬† What are you waiting for?¬†

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Technology vs. the Human Experience

¬†Recently, I noticed¬†an exchange between two young boys in front of me at an event I attended.¬† They were both about 10 years old.¬† The boy in front of me was playing his Nintendo DS video game and the other boy, who also had a DS game, ¬†became interested, moving in closer to get a better look at the game.¬† Not ONE word was exchanged between the two during this entire time, even though they sat within inches of each other.¬† Instead, the second boy¬†began a “Pictochat” session with the first boy, who reciprocated.¬† They drew silly pictures and wrote messages back and forth, laughing the whole time, without any verbal communication at all.¬†¬†

empty-swings1Granted, it was a very cute moment, but also one which led me to consider how different the world is today than the world I grew up in.  When I was a child, we ran around outside until the streetlights came on.  Occasionally we played with electronic gadgets but for the most part our play was imaginative and involved bikes, bats, balls, toys and lots of running, laughing and talking.  We interacted with each other.  We played and we talked.  I know that kids today still do all of these things too, but as technology evolves, it takes a lot of that real human interaction time with it. 

¬†It seems to me that today we are, as a society, more comfortable communicating electronically than we are with talking and exchanging ideas face to face.¬†¬†We text,¬†email and chat and we use social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to¬†communicate with¬†friends, neighbors and relatives who live just minutes away from us.¬† These utilities are useful and fun, don’t get me wrong, but we are losing the element of humanity when we use them almost exclusively.¬†

So how do we break out of our¬†technological “comfort zones”?¬† For starters, ¬†I encourage everyone to get out there…join a¬†book discussion group, take a class.¬† Go out into the world and strike up a conversation with someone new today; someone whom you’ve never spoken with before.¬† Maybe pay them a compliment or ask for their opinion on something…just initiate an interaction and see where that takes you.¬† Your reward for making the effort may just be a new friend!

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